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sanitary pumps,magnetic mixer,inline mixer,homogenizers,stainless steel tanks, valve,pipe fittings.

inline mixer

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Sanitary Pump

Centrifugal pump

Lobe pump

Twin Screw Pump

Sine Pump

Disc Pump

Magnetic Pump

Magnetic Mixer

Top entry magnetic mixer

Tank Bottom Magnetic Mixer

Side Entry Magnetic mixer


Inline Mixer&Homogenizer

Batch High shear mixer & Homogenizer

Bottom Installed Homogenizer

high shear mixer

Power and liquid Blender & mixer

Fermentation Tank

Foam Breaker

foam breaker

Vinegar Acetator

Magnetic gear pump

we get full catalogue for you ,you can free download from our website and take as a consideration

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ZION Fluid Equip. Co.,LTD

Founded in Chinam,as a renowned and long-standing company,we specialised in the manufacture of stainless steel components (pumps, agitators, blenders,inline mixer, valves, etc.),management of processes and services for the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, wine, and, to a lesser extent, the olive oil industries, Engineering and process….


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Neil patel

Their machines has great quality ,which total impressed me.  james and Mr.yang really gave a lot of good suggestion on our projects,and everything works well.

Neil patel

We worked with Zion for more than 7 years, their pumps and mixers are very competitive in our market ,everyone like its quality.


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